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A Resource Guide for
Early Childhood Environmental Educators

Are you interested in teaching young learners how to care for their environment?


Learn how to teach academic content standards within an environmental context. Teach your students to be informed decision makers, learn how to build agency, and inspire them to be advocates for a more just, equitable and sustainable future.

Get started

Early exposure to outdoor experiences is essential. The most important part of getting young learners excited and interested about their natural environment is by allowing them to play outside. Get started with nature play and nature journaling.


Explore resources by theme

The themes are broken down into three core environmental indicators of sustainability that are developmentally appropriate for young learners.

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Rio Lecatompessy


Learn why water is so precious

Gain knowledge about the water cycle, why we need water to survive, how to conserve water and much more!


Develop a plan to reduce waste 

Discover how waste impacts our environment and strategies to recycle and compost.


Investigate your schoolyard's habitat

Explore local plants and animals and how to help these species grow and flourish. 

Develop professionally

The field of education is constantly evolving. These resources will help you grow your professional knowledge and learn the best practices of environmental education. 

The benefits of regular time outdoors

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